Corporate Partnership Program

Our Corporate Procurement Partnership Program consists of a network with leading Swedish companies and institutions that financially supports and enjoy a close cooperation within Research, Education and Business innovation. 

Corporate Procurement Partners have a long-term engagement and benefit from a range of services in the areas of Research, Innovate and Communicate. The Foundation Partner has committed a financial support of 1 MSEK per year during a three-year period and benefits from all services described. The Affiliated Partner has committed a financial support that starts from 200 kSEK per year and benefits from a selected number of key services as agreed with each partner.


Research Executive Advisory Board

Opportunity to influence and benefit from pioneeting research highly relevant for partner companies and organizations

Procurement Reports & Whitepapers

Academically aligned procurement research based on innovation driven topics. These are forward-looking reports and whitepapers that provide valuable insights and case studies from latest research publications and industry leaders

Partner Contract Research

Tailor-made partner procurement research exploring fields that address selected partner topics and challenges

Procurement Research Webinars

Procurement research exploration and research pipeline. Provision of benchmarking data and critical issue exchanges. Leading international researchers