About MTC

MTC Procurement Research Center promotes value-creating interaction and learning between business and research in the areas of market, service development and business enterprising. The foundation was established by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) and the foundation of the Swedish Institute of Management (IFL) in 1974. MTC is a non-profit organization, projects are financed primarily by major corporations and government agencies. MTC’s activities are well-founded in the issues critical procurement related issues that companies face, both in the public and private sector. This means being often one step ahead and identifying new needs and specific requirements at an early stage and increasing the opportunities for companies to implement knowledge-based strategic development planning. MTC is an important partner to researchers at universities contributes to initiating, designing and implementing development and research programs.


  • Our vision is to create a world-class, strategic procurement center of excellence that will enhance the understanding of and create new insights into the procurement field
  • It functions as a platform and meeting place for many kinds of actors both national and international: academics, practitioners, companies and other organizations
  • This also includes providing higher education to academia, business leaders and procurement professionals
  • Finally, we will strive for the development of strong procurement research and innovation of the highest international class with importance for Sweden’s future competitiveness


Staffan Movin


Telefon: + 46 70 210 74 95
Epost: staffan.movin@mtcstiftelsen.se

Katarina Arbin

assistant professor, gävle university

Telefon: +46 73 600 28 83
Epost: katarina.arbin@hig.se

Per Andersson

professor, sse

Telefon: +46 70 825 12 16

Epost: per.andersson@hhs.se

Ala Arvidsson

associate professor, chalmers university

Telefon: +46 73 720 28 32
Epost: ala.arvidsson@chalmers.se

Mattias Hultheimer


Telefon: +46 70 894 43 00
Epost: mattias.hultheimer@effso.se

Hans Kjellberg


Telefon: + 46 70 863 33 56
Epost: hans.kjellberg@hhs.se

Marie Walhström


Telefon: +46 76 527 75 24
Epost: marie.wahlstrom@mtcstiftelsen.se

Sven-Anders Stegare


Telefon: +46 70 210 74 95
Epost: sven-anders.stegare@mtcstiftelsen.se

Kavya Shukla

website manager, sse

Telefon: +46 73 528 40 77

Epost: kavya.shukla@mtcstiftelsen.se

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