Pågående Projekt

CustoVal – World Class Customer Value

A project to improve customer values by joint learning in the Swedish Steel industry.

In order to be successful in the highly competitive steel industry, Swedish companies must continue to develop an even greater value for their customers. Even if Swedish steel industry has a good reputation when it comes to customer satisfaction, there is still a need to find new ways to deliver World Class Customer Value. The project is focused on how to better understand customer values and how to increase them by learning from others in the industry, from the academia and of course from the customers themselves.

Based on the aim, the project will study the process of alignment between customer-needs and offerings. Our goal is to find ways to include customer value in both the developing customized offerings and value propositions, as well as in deploying the offerings. The preconditions that exist in the industry (for example a focus on slim processes) make it harder to open up processes for customer involvement; a challenge that must be met in other ways.

The project is financed by VINNOVA via Jernkontoret, and consists of several Swedish companies in the steel industry, all of which are participating with learning’s and knowledge. Researchers from Linköping’s University are the main academic partners in the project, with extensive knowledge in the field of customer value. The Foundation of Marketing Technology (MTC) are the process leaders in the project, ensuring a neutral platform for discussions and results.

If you want to learn more, please Contact Staffan Movin (Staffan.movin@mtcstiftelsen.se )


Det finns ett behov att komplettera så kallade traditionella marknadsundersökningsmetoder med metoder som bygger på användarinvolvering. Forskningen visar att användarinvolvering är en effektiv väg vid utveckling av tjänster. Därför har MTC Stiftelsen tagit fram en metod att involvera användaren – som dessutom fångar användarens intryck och känslor i själva användandets stund!
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