Communicating Sustainability

– Green Media Choice and Communication Effectivness

What are the pitfalls of communicating sustainability? Does the choice of the medium itself, by which a company’s advertising message is carried, communicate something about that company’s responsibility and commitment to care for the green environment based on consumers’ eco-harmful media perceptions?

In line with an increasing growth in socially-conscious consumerism, implementing effective strategies for corporate sustainability is becoming more and more important. Current corporate sustainability strategies tend to put a major focus on a company’s products, its packaging and its production processes. In terms of communicating sustainability, focus is most often put on message content without taking into account the medium itself that carries the message.

Claudia Rademaker, HHS,  will address these topics by way of creating discussions around practical examples and by presenting some of her empirical studies.

Topics for the day:

Socially-conscious consumerism: just passing trend or here to stay?
Communicating sustainability
Communication effectiveness of green media choice

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